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[texting Shawn]

There's SNOW OUTSIDE. Where R U?

Uh oh...

Feb. 11th, 2010 02:02 pm
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Mun has gone over to the dark side....

[ profile] a_good_agent

Sorry, Shawn. It's hard to say no to Patrick Jane.
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...when Jackie was Q for a day?

...when Jackie left for Starfleet?

...all three versions of the Unconscious Game?

...with their respective CSI spinoffs? Mac Taylor and Horatio Caine

...when Shawn and Jackie stole Henry's truck?

...when Jackie kissed Chekov?

...when Jackie first moved in?
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You Scored as M4 Assault Rifle

You are one of the most popular weapon of the world. Used by regular infantry to Special Forces you are supreme. Countries from around the world use this gun. It is for Long and Short range. It is the little brother of the Colt M16. You must like American Made guns to because the M4 is full American.

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[in reference to this video]

(4:14:01 AM) jackie!mun: .....why does Peter get the girls part??
(4:14:15 AM) jackie!mun: granted....girl voice on Sylar would be......really really funny
(4:14:19 AM) spocklar!mun: yes
(4:15:19 AM) jackie!mun: ha! holding notes!!
(4:15:31 AM) jackie!mun: dat's brilliant
(4:15:36 AM) spocklar!mun: yup
(4:15:46 AM) jackie!mun: didn't realize there were that many note holding scenes
(4:15:56 AM) jackie!mun: have to add that to the list
(4:16:19 AM) jackie!mun: notes, waffles....
(4:16:24 AM) jackie!mun: brains
(4:16:27 AM) jackie!mun: Mr. Muggles....
(4:18:34 AM) jackie!mun: yeah if that video actually they were trying to one up each other
(4:18:38 AM) jackie!mun: New York would have exploded
(4:18:46 AM) spocklar!mun: haha it would have
(4:18:55 AM) jackie!mun: be like, yup sorry....end of the series
(4:19:03 AM) jackie!mun: they had to see who was better
(4:19:25 AM) spocklar!mun: the screen would go black and you'd hear Peter
(4:19:27 AM) spocklar!mun: "Aw, crap."
(4:19:30 AM) jackie!mun: LOL
(4:19:53 AM) jackie!mun: you could hear dead Nathan facepalming
(4:21:35 AM) spocklar!mun: Sylar: idiot
(4:21:41 AM) jackie!mun: bwahaha
(4:21:50 AM) jackie!mun: they should totally make that as an alternate ending
(4:22:14 AM) jackie!mun: "yeah well....I can throw stuff with my mind!"
(4:22:23 AM) jackie!mun: "I can too, I can throw stuff farther!"
(4:22:27 AM) jackie!mun: "Can not!"
(4:22:31 AM) jackie!mun: "Can too!"
(4:23:18 AM) jackie!mun: *hiro goes flying by spluttering in japanese*
(4:23:23 AM) spocklar!mun: haha
(4:23:23 AM) jackie!mun: *followed by Noah*
(4:24:05 AM) jackie!mun: "I could totally explode bigger than you can."
(4:24:08 AM) jackie!mun: "Nuh uh."
(4:24:20 AM) jackie!mun: "yah-huh."
(4:25:51 AM) jackie!mun: the sugar high obvious? :D
(4:26:26 AM) spocklar!mun: yes
(4:26:27 AM) spocklar!mun: it is
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Ahhhhhahahhhhhhhaaaaa!!! Why is Sylar around every freakin' corner man???!!! *totally not hugging a pillow or anything.....why would you even think that?*
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IMing fun during the Chekhov thread...this is for you Q.

(3:49:50 AM) psychette10 EW EW EW EW EW
(3:49:58 AM) psychette10 KISSED BY Q????
(3:50:00 AM) psychette10 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(3:50:28 AM) amandasueq LOL
(3:50:29 AM) amandasueq What?
(3:50:42 AM) psychette10 mun wants to laugh, muse wants to cry
(3:50:49 AM) amandasueq LOL
(3:50:56 AM) amandasueq There are worse things to be kissed by
(3:51:07 AM) amandasueq LOL Q@Chekov Harems!
(3:51:27 AM) psychette10 NAME ONE
(3:51:36 AM) psychette10 Jackie: I WILL GO KISS IT
(3:51:50 AM) amandasueq I'll do you one better...
(3:52:19 AM) amandasueq
(3:53:44 AM) psychette10 ......
(3:53:51 AM) psychette10 depends
(3:53:52 AM) amandasueq :D
(3:53:55 AM) amandasueq XD
(3:53:58 AM) psychette10 can I kiss it's eye?
(3:54:03 AM) amandasueq THERE IS NO DEPENDS
(3:54:06 AM) psychette10 lol
(3:54:06 AM) amandasueq And no you can't
(3:54:13 AM) psychette10 I don't see any lips
(3:54:16 AM) amandasueq It sees with that :(
(3:54:19 AM) amandasueq Oh there....
(3:54:21 AM) amandasueq somewhere in there
3:54:24 AM) psychette10 ugh
(3:54:27 AM) amandasueq It has a straw like appendage
(3:54:28 AM) amandasueq e
(3:54:42 AM) psychette10 would be a tie
(3:55:06 AM) amandasueq XD
(3:56:18 AM) psychette10 Q does get points for that harem joke, I will admit

4:44:52 AM) amandasueq SWS needs more Q. Plural. XD
(4:44:56 AM) psychette10 lol
(4:45:04 AM) psychette10 I absolutely do not like the series....
(4:45:11 AM) amandasueq Aww
(4:45:14 AM) psychette10 but I have to admit, he does make the comm alot livelier
(4:45:20 AM) amandasueq What about q, from Voyager?
(4:45:23 AM) amandasueq Or Female Q
(4:45:28 AM) amandasueq He doess
(4:45:29 AM) psychette10 I not seen enough voyager
(4:45:31 AM) amandasueq Aw
(4:45:34 AM) amandasueq He's only in two episodes
(4:45:36 AM) psychette10 maybe three episodes at most
(4:45:36 AM) amandasueq AND IS EPIC
(4:45:38 AM) amandasueq EEEPIICCCC
(4:45:43 AM) psychette10 LOL
(4:46:00 AM) amandasueq I think he might even CALL himself epic
(4:46:08 AM) psychette10 duh, of course he would
(4:46:09 AM) amandasueq He turns the Engine Room into a nightclub
(4:46:15 AM) psychette10 His middle name is Epic
(4:46:18 AM) amandasueq XD
(4:46:22 AM) amandasueq Qepic
(4:46:24 AM) psychette10 lol
(4:46:29 AM) psychette10 last name is probably Q again
(4:46:39 AM) amandasueq qepicQ
(4:46:47 AM) amandasueq Looks properly alien XD
(4:46:52 AM) psychette10 rotfl
(4:46:58 AM) amandasueq If I recall correctly, in Q Continuum
(4:47:09 AM) amandasueq Their names are actually unpronouncable
(4:47:13 AM) psychette10 figures
(4:47:17 AM) amandasueq It was represented with "____"
(4:47:28 AM) psychette10 Oooo yeah I remember reading a book with that
(4:47:34 AM) amandasueq *nod*
(4:47:40 AM) psychette10 sooooo
(4:47:45 AM) amandasueq There was another dude called "*"
(4:47:46 AM) psychette10 It's really Qepic_______
(4:47:48 AM) amandasueq XDDD
(4:47:53 AM) psychette10 now that's a LJ name
(4:47:53 AM) amandasueq Qepic___
(4:47:57 AM) amandasueq Dude that is
(4:48:01 AM) amandasueq XD
(4:48:22 AM) psychette10 and now you realize I have to post this conversation
(4:48:33 AM) amandasueq XD
(4:48:35 AM) psychette10 if only to show Q mun
(4:48:37 AM) amandasueq XDD
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Ahhhhhhhhh! *tosses remote at the tv*

Why do I continue to watch this!??

...Buck Rogers is too much camp even for my tolerance. *shudders* Why can I not turn it off?? The horror...the inhumanity....the glitter (blech!)...the absolute stupidest looking robots in the history of science fiction.

I denouce you Buck Rogers, you are not worthy to carry the name "science fiction"

*end rant*
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(singing softly to herself)

I'm always here
I'm never there
I'm never, ever anywhere
Except in here
Cause here is where I'm in

But when I go from here to there
My here comes with me everywhere
Till there is here
And here is where I've been
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