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[follows Jackie's transformation back from being Q]

All was quiet in sickbay. The night shift med techs had finished their rounds and were off doing other things. Jackie was asleep in one of the beds, recovering from her previous situation of being exposed to space. She hummed in her sleep, turning on her side.

She was pretty sure she was dreaming.

Two shadows were at her bedside. One of them seemed more in her personal space than the other, running itself up her arm to her neck. It didn't really feel like anything so Jackie had no reason to wake.

"She is no longer Q," one of the shadows said in a soft yet deep voice. "We can be certain now." That shadow melted away from her. The other one seemed to say, almost grudgingly, "Then Q was correct in not needing to execute this one. But only just."
"Agreed," the first shadow seemed to nod. "He will no doubt be insufferably pleased with himself again."
The second shadow seemed to consider Jackie. "I do not see it...this strange fascination with humans. They are entirely too dangerous for their own good."

Jackie sat up suddenly, wide awake, her heart pounding. She was alone in sickbay. She blinked a couple of times, rubbing her eyes. Was it a dream? Or possibly...
She pulled one of the blankets around her shoulders, shivering a bit but not from the cold. Perhaps she'd really gotten off easier than she thought.

"Ok...I think I get it now."

inspired by [ profile] totallysuperior with much love :)


Apr. 26th, 2009 04:54 pm
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The doors slid open and Jackie stood in the doorway to her new quarters on deck two of the Enterprise. It was small, just a bed, bathroom, and desk/countertop, but she didn't care. It was just perfect. She set Charlie's tank down on the countertop, gaping at the window on the opposite wall.

Space. Outerspace. With stars whizzing by like little streaks of light.

Way. Too. Cool.

She turned to the line of drawers under the counter, hoping that it was there. She touched the top button and the drawer slid obediently open...revealing a light blue dress top and black pants folded neatly, the science insignia visible over the left chest.

"If I'm dreaming, nobody wake me," she said, picking up the uniform as if she'd worry it would break in her hands. Then she hurried to quick change before somebody did tell her it was all a dream.
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Dear Shawn,

Gone to play work on USS Enterprise with Spock, Kirk, and Gabriel Gray. Not sure when I'll be back. No, I wasn't kidnapped and yes, I have my fish with me.
Key is under the mat, but you know that already.



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