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[texting Shawn]

There's SNOW OUTSIDE. Where R U?
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"No! You can't!" Jackie was running alongside the Captain, trying to keep up with him. They, unlike everyone else, were running towards the crashing noises instead of away. She and him seemed to always be running towards danger instead of away from it.

But this time he wasn't coming back. That bomb in his hands was built to take out a planet eating blob monster and not even the Captain could escape a black hole. Even if he could come back to life. Jackie tugged at his sleeve as they pulled up next to building. "Please, don't do this. There has to be another..."

He was gripping her by the shoulders, giving his spiel again about how to take care of the Tardis and how to get back home. She pushed his hands away, not wanting to hear it. "Why does it have to be you?!" she yelled at him over the din of the crashing towering monster coming their way. It was unfair, she knew why it had to be him. Because he cared too much. Just like she did.

And then he was kissing her. Probably to shut her up but she wasn't thinking of that. She was flashing back to all their adventures together....

Opening her eyes, she could see him running towards the fifty foot and growing green blob that was tearing apart buildings and dirt in it's wake. "Captain, no!" She yelled, wanting him to come back but her feet wouldn't move.

It was then that she saw him go down....the plan curtailed by a flying two by four that was thrown from a building and smashed him into a wall. Jackie ran to his side, turning him over and ignoring the nearness of the beast coming for them. He had blood running down the side of his head but he was out cold. "Oh Captain, wake have to-...."

She stopped. Looking up at the monster that was going to destroy the entire planet and everyone and everything on it. "You have to....stay here." Picking up the bomb in her hands, she bent down to kiss his forehead, wiping a tear away with the back of her hand. "It's been fun. Thank you." It didn't matter if he heard her or not, but she had to say it.

Walking slowly towards the greenish mass that was now 200 feet high and growling as it gobbled up any obstacle in it's way. "Hey you!" Jackie yelled, hugging the bomb to her chest. Just inside, she'd throw the switch, she had to remember that. "Come and get me!"

The Captain came around just in time to see Jackie sucked up into the greenish blob....a few seconds later, there was a loud bang and the monster imploded into itself till there was nothing left.

Nothing but a destroyed trail of buildings and an empty street.

ooc: so ends Captain Verse, segwaying this into Broken Verse :) written with much <3 for [ profile] captain_flyboy
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The blender was chugging away against a particularily large banana. Jackie gave the machine a thump, "Behave now. You've still got four more fruits to go." It seemed to oblige and finished pureeing smartly as always.

Jackie had her hands all sticky already from hacking into a pineapple on her cutting board. The burgers Phoenix was bringing...and the other ~little thing~. Jackie's smug grin knew no bounds.

This was gonna be fun.

ooc: Phoenix and Shawn, you guys show up when you want, mun has to go to work right now so I'll tag back laters.
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For new verse with [ profile] knowskungfu and follows this.

Wet. Confused and wet, that's the two words that stuck with her from all that Neo had been trying to tell her those last few seconds. The rest had gotten lost as she was pulled so far away, it seemed to take forever and no time at all in the same moment.

And then it was over.

Jackie tried to open her eyes and move but she felt distinctly like she was under water. Her hands reached around as if in slow motion, trying to find something....and found a tube stuck to the side of her stomach. Everywhere her hands moved, there were tubes or something similar and they all seemed to be attached to HER.
There had to be a way out of here, she didn't even know how she got in here in the first place. She could barely move, she felt so weak all over, but there was no way she was staying here. Her hands found the top of some sort of membrane, scratching at it and trying to get it open.

Something else broke it, not her. A giant metal claw reached in, puncturing the pod and pulling her out by the neck into the cold air. Jackie struggled against it in vain, blinking her burning eyes against the light and trying to make out the impossible robotic shape in front of her. She was choking against something down her throat.

It happened so fast, there was a hum of a drill and Jackie got the most incredible uncomfortable feeling right in the back of her neck before the robot dropped her back into the soup as if it was done with her. She choked and gagged, finally able to pull out the tube down her throat and breathe on her own.

She was having a hard time sitting up in the slippery pod being that A: she had no clothes and B: she was sitting in a slightly warmer than the air pinkish soup of sorts. Jackie tried to keep low with it up to her neck, shivering as she tried to look around. to her was a person. In the same pod as her. And beyond it another. And another. Whole rows of people all hooked up. It stretched up so far she couldn't even see the end of the...building? they were attached to.

Coughing, she said hoarsely, "No...way..."

It was then that tubes started popping off of her arms and legs and the pod purged everything inside of it. Jackie managed to catch a breath before she went under again. The sides were too slippery on the tunnel, she couldn't get a grip.

And then she was falling....straight into freezing cold water. Hypothermia, that's all she could think of. Fighting the urge to panic, she remembered what her uncle told her about what to do if you fall through the ice and curled herself into a ball, still holding her breath. Amazingly, it worked, she floated to the surface slowly but her lungs ached, she thought she would never get there in time.

Something splashed into the water with her, grabbing her...Jackie couldn't help it, she panicked thinking it was another robot and accidentally inhaled some of the water.

Next thing she could remember was someone giving her mouth to mouth and waking up coughing on a very hard floor, shivering under a blanket.
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Things were buzzing at Comic Con. People milling here and there, some in costume, some without. Somewhere near the entrance...

"Com'n, we're gonna miss it!" Jackie urged, absentmindedly tugging on her arm bands. She was loving her Kira costume this year, getting quite a few thumbs up from passers-by...ignoring the fact most of them were thirty-ish guys who probably still lived with their mom.

"Chuck, I thought you wanted to be at this auction thing too. What's taking so long?"
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Jackie's apartment building was one of many in that section of the suburbs of Santa Barbara, California. There was a road going by in front, beyond that was a few cabins and a bit of a distance beyond that, the ocean could be seen. It was about 10am, the surfer dudes were already in full swing, catching waves and flirting with the local bikini clad women sunning themselves on the beach.

Jackie hadn't packed much, she probably wouldn't be gone long. She left a note for Shawn about how to take care of the cat, said goodbye to Remington, and pulled her little suitcase on its wheels out the door to lock up the apartment.
Now all she had to do was wait for her new friend to show up.
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Shawn's made a quick recovery from his previous reaction. " my charmingly deceptive cousin has probably told you, I am Shawn Spencer. Head psychic for the SBPD. are? OW!" Gus smacks his arm, "Cut that out."
Shawn rubs his arm, looking incredibly hurt at his partner.
That smirk from before is back on Jane's face. At first he was against this idea of meeting Jackie's supposedly psychic cousin, but this was actually entertaining enough to interest him...for now. He was going to enjoy outing this one.
"From your friend Gus' reaction, I'd say you two know me pretty well already. So you can drop the act."
Suddenly Jackie is wondering what she thought would be fun about bringing these two together. She could almost see Shawn digging in like a dog with a bone, unwilling to give it up.

"Act?? Act, he says. Did you hear him, Gus?" Gus gives him a sidelong glance, oh no, he's not backing you up in this one. Deep down, he's pretty sure this Jane character is really psychic and he's having enough trouble trying to keep his thoughts moving to prevent any mind reading or probing.
"I'll have you know," Shawn went on, moving towards his desk to sit. "I've solved over 30 cases with the police department. THAT my friend is not an act." He plunks his feet up on his desk, self satified as can be. "We even solved the murder of a dead seal."
"Shabby was a sea lion," Gus corrected.
"Sea lion, seals..."
"They're not the same, Shawn."
"Boys, boys! Play nice." Jackie jumped in before things could go any further, or so she thought.
"Interesting," Jane said, ignoring her and focusing on Shawn. "Large ego, demeanor of a habitual liar, childish behavior...your police department must be very lax in it's standards to keep you on for this long."
"Wow..." Shawn leaned back. "Better make sure Lassie never hears you say that, he might take offense...and that man has way too many guns and absolutely no sense of humor. And I'll have you know I pull my weight same as everyone else in the department.'
Jackie hides a smirk at that in her hand and gets a crumpled up piece of paper in the face from Shawn for her trouble. Jane turns from Shawn to focus on Gus, knowing that will aggravate Shawn to have attention off of him. Besides, Gus is looking nervous...easy to play off of. "And you, you go along with this. When are you going to stop him from walking all over you? He's going to drag you down with him one of these days."
"Shawn..." Gus' knees are practically knocking together. "He's doing that creepy mind reading thing again..."
"Oh Gus, stop being a plastic pink flamingo." Shawn points at Jane as he says, "I'll have you know I don't drag him anywhere he doesn't want to go...deep down y'know...he just doesn't know it yet."
"I see..." Patrick is well aware of the mortified look Jackie is giving him and he gives her one back that says I did try to warn you, not my fault this is happening.

"Besides," Shawn continues. "How's what you do any different? You've got a costume, you play your part, hoping to get close to a certain killer before the police figure out you've got a vendetta against him..."
Jane stares back without blinking for a second before leaning back in the comfy chair with a smile. "Googled me, did you?"
"Pfft, no." Shawn says, his hands already far enough away from the computer keyboard to be innocent as he says it. "Sure you did, and that's good. Really good you put that together. Guess I'll just have to kill all of you now that you've found out my secret."
Shawn doesn't react, but Gus turns about ten shades of white, which isn't easy for a black man, his hand scrambling around behind him for his minibat. Jackie rolls her eyes, stopping his frantic reaching with a hand on his arm. "Cut it out, Gus. He's messing with you."
Gus clutches his minibat. "Better safe than sorry."
Jackie does a facepalm into her hand. "Oy vey...maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

Part 2...wondering what to put in part 3...
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"Come on, please?" Jackie asked, putting on the most innocent earnest look she had in her, her eyes on the man in the driver's seat.
"No." Patrick Jane shook his head definitively, giving her a sidelong glance. A smirk crept up the side of his mouth. "The look is good though. Just a bit softer on the eyes, you'd be a bit more convincing."

Jackie narrowed them instead. They were sitting in Jane's car outside the Psych office. "You've come this far, at least you could say hi."
"Why should I? I've got nothing to say to him...nothing he'd want to hear or you for that matter. I thought he was family."
"He is! It's just..." Jackie threw her arms up, a bit exasperated. "I don't know, I just thought it would be nice if the two psychic..."

Jane put up a warning finger with a look.

" two 'pretend' psychic friends could meet and say hi and get along. Is that so much to ask?"
"Yes, yes it is. What he does isn't police work, he does it just for fun."
"So do you."
That actually Jane couldn't deny. Jackie opened the door and hopped out of the car. "Are you coming? It's not like he's gonna bite. Unless, y''re afraid." Her turn to smirk, she did indeed play a very cheap card but she figured it would be worth it in the end. Jane scoffed, "Afraid? That's rich, even if it was your last ditch effort." He sighed, looking from the bright green sign to Jackie and back. Finally, he unbuckled his seatbelt, pointing at her. "You asked for this, remember that."
Jackie was too busy congratulating herself to care, grinning happily as she and Jane walked up to the office and knocked on the door.
Gus was the one to open the door. It was at this point the plan started to fall apart. There was a look of brief terror over Gus' features when he saw Jane that Jackie didn't quite catch in time. "Hey, Gus, what's..."
SLAM! The door shut quickly in their faces. "....up?"
They both stood there for a second.
"Does that happen often?" Jane asked, looking a bit confused.
"Sorry, sometimes they're a bit....weird." Jackie knocked again, a bit more forcefully. "Gus, come on, open the door!"


"It's HIM!" Gus was doing a stage whisper at Shawn as he crouched behind the closed door. Shawn looked over from his seat at his desk, his feet causually up over his keyboard and desk trinkets. "Him? Him who? Gus, what's gotten into you? Is there a zombie at the door? Cause if there is, you know we're gonna regret not getting those air rifles when I said we should have."
Gus practically crawled over. "You know HIM! That guy, the tv psychic."
"Ha, you're imagining things, Gus. Why would Patrick Jane even come here, he's not even..." Jackie's voice floated in from outside. "Gus, let us in, this is silly."
Shawn's feet came off his desk and he was at the window like a shot, peering through the blinds. "...she didn't..." Those wavy curls and gray three piece suit were unmistakable. Shawn turned, backed against the blinds as if that would keep them out better. "Oh Mylanta, it IS him!"
Gus had managed to get up off the floor and was frantically looking around the office for a way out. "What do we do?! What do we do?!"
Shawn thought for a second. "...don't open the door?"
"Well, they'll have to leave sometime. We'll be no worse for wear."
"But Jackie's with him, you're just gonna leave her out there too?"
"Me? You're the one who slammed the door in their faces!"
Their argument is brought to an abrupt halt, both of them jump sky high as Jackie bangs on the glass behind Shawn, glaring. Her voice is a bit muffled by the glass. "Hi, Shawn. Open the door."
Shawn wheels on her, "Jackie, I am shocked, SHOCKED that you would bring the enemy here."
"He is not! He's a good friend and I thought you two would like to meet each other. Why you gotta make this difficult?" Jackie put her hands on her hips.
Shawn gasps, his face sorrowful. "Oh Jackie, he didn't...he's put you up to this, hasn't he? With his jedi mind tricks. Com'n Jackie, don't be like that, don't go to the dark side! Come back to us!"
Jackie gives him a look, her arms folded. "Really? Star Wars? You're going with that?"

"Why not?" Jane remarks as he's strolling into the room. "Sounded like a well used reference to me." Both of the boys react with a pretty girlish sounding scream at his sudden entrance. Jane takes a step back hesitantly at their reaction. "Have they had their shots?" he asks Jackie, who's still on the other side of the glass. She's just as surprised that he's inside already, pointing at him. "How did you...? Never mind. Gus let me in." She walks away from the window and a few seconds later, Gus is letting her in through the door.

Part 1 of who-knows-where-this-is-going....written with much love for [ profile] dial_a_psychic and [ profile] clearlythatsme
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The once quiet neighborhood is bustling with activity now. At first, it was an ambulance. Now there are a few police cars showing up. An officer is taping off the crime scene.

It's the courtyard of a hotel in Miami, one of those that was built to simulate being in Mexico. The courtyard is lined with brown flagstones, a decorative fountain in the middle. The hotel curves around the courtyard with a few staircases leading up to the various levels of rooms.

There's a man's silk tie on the ground near the body. He appears to be a janitor for this estate according to his name tag. There's two bullet holes in his side and one in his foot. A few shell cases on the ground as well near the wall.

The paramedics are working on getting a stretcher with Jackie on it into the ambulance.

ooc: if anyone else joins in csi-ish, horatio gets to take point on this case.
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[follows Jackie's transformation back from being Q]

All was quiet in sickbay. The night shift med techs had finished their rounds and were off doing other things. Jackie was asleep in one of the beds, recovering from her previous situation of being exposed to space. She hummed in her sleep, turning on her side.

She was pretty sure she was dreaming.

Two shadows were at her bedside. One of them seemed more in her personal space than the other, running itself up her arm to her neck. It didn't really feel like anything so Jackie had no reason to wake.

"She is no longer Q," one of the shadows said in a soft yet deep voice. "We can be certain now." That shadow melted away from her. The other one seemed to say, almost grudgingly, "Then Q was correct in not needing to execute this one. But only just."
"Agreed," the first shadow seemed to nod. "He will no doubt be insufferably pleased with himself again."
The second shadow seemed to consider Jackie. "I do not see it...this strange fascination with humans. They are entirely too dangerous for their own good."

Jackie sat up suddenly, wide awake, her heart pounding. She was alone in sickbay. She blinked a couple of times, rubbing her eyes. Was it a dream? Or possibly...
She pulled one of the blankets around her shoulders, shivering a bit but not from the cold. Perhaps she'd really gotten off easier than she thought.

"Ok...I think I get it now."

inspired by [ profile] totallysuperior with much love :)


Apr. 26th, 2009 04:54 pm
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The doors slid open and Jackie stood in the doorway to her new quarters on deck two of the Enterprise. It was small, just a bed, bathroom, and desk/countertop, but she didn't care. It was just perfect. She set Charlie's tank down on the countertop, gaping at the window on the opposite wall.

Space. Outerspace. With stars whizzing by like little streaks of light.

Way. Too. Cool.

She turned to the line of drawers under the counter, hoping that it was there. She touched the top button and the drawer slid obediently open...revealing a light blue dress top and black pants folded neatly, the science insignia visible over the left chest.

"If I'm dreaming, nobody wake me," she said, picking up the uniform as if she'd worry it would break in her hands. Then she hurried to quick change before somebody did tell her it was all a dream.
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Dear Shawn,

Gone to play work on USS Enterprise with Spock, Kirk, and Gabriel Gray. Not sure when I'll be back. No, I wasn't kidnapped and yes, I have my fish with me.
Key is under the mat, but you know that already.

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Ahhhhhhhhh! *tosses remote at the tv*

Why do I continue to watch this!??

...Buck Rogers is too much camp even for my tolerance. *shudders* Why can I not turn it off?? The horror...the inhumanity....the glitter (blech!)...the absolute stupidest looking robots in the history of science fiction.

I denouce you Buck Rogers, you are not worthy to carry the name "science fiction"

*end rant*
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(singing softly to herself)

I'm always here
I'm never there
I'm never, ever anywhere
Except in here
Cause here is where I'm in

But when I go from here to there
My here comes with me everywhere
Till there is here
And here is where I've been
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The scene is crawling with flashing lights and law personell now. One policeman is roping off the scene with yellow caution tape while two more are starting to push back the causal onlookers that always seem to show up at a crime scene.

The dark alley was dank and a bit dirty but most of the clutter was pushed way back in the back. Towards the front where it met the sidewalk was where the point of interest was. A blonde caucasian male body, young in his 20's with two knife wounds to his chest. Blood is all around him with a small trail leading away to a bloody knife on the middle of the sidewalk.

Next to the body is a woman's purse, with blood splashes on top of it as it lays on the concrete. It is spilled open as if tossed aside.

Jackie is seated on the back of the ambulance being checked out by EMTs. Blood on her shirt and hands. Talked with Mac Taylor here.

([ profile] doesntrush_sci is lead detective so far on this investigation as he found the scene)
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A message from the mun: This is sort of an open house post. Anyone is welcome to drop in or out to see her apartment, say hi, and eat food or play video games. Psych muses are especially welcome. Slow or fast RPing, either is fine.

Jackie switched off the vacuum and surveyed her handiwork. The apartment was clean from top to bottom, from kitchenette to sofa. (she'd even dug out an old lollypop wrapper that she was sure had been stuck there sometime in the 80's when the couch was sold to her dad...and $1.10 in change) Jackie wrapped up the cord and stuck the vacuum in the closet out of the way and shut the door.
Let's see....the apartment is clean, check...
....goodies were made, double check...
She even had Uno and Twister standing by if things got too boring...
Jackie swiped one of the oreos off of the plates of snacks she had set buffet style along her kitchen counter. Chips, cookies, and soda of various kinds. Munching on her cookie, she hopped over the top of her couch to set herself right in the middle of it contentedly. She clapped her hands dramatically over her head as she laid back on the couch. "Music!" Her music player attached to the clapper under the tv kicked in, her own mix cd blend of 80's music, the beatles, and Gerschwin jazz. "Perfect," she said with a smile. Picking up her nintendo controller, she turned on her snowboarding game that she'd been trying to beat earlier that week. Nothing much to do till someone shows up I guess, she thought to herself as she guided her female character down the snowy video game slopes.
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*tossing around an idea in her head*

*gets out her cellphone and taps in a text to Shawn*

*tosses some popcorn in her mouth as she channel surfs and waits for a reply*

I know he's still up at this hour.
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