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Wikipedia says it best:
(Horatio Caine) His demeanor is serious, direct, and to the point. He rarely makes eye contact unless making a point or finishing his thought, preferring to sport sunglasses or look downward.

I must say, that is spot on.
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A bit meta for my character as she shouldn't really be able to watch CSI with several CSI characters on her friends list...

Things learned from watching CSI Miami:

1. Always carry a flashlight.
2. Never, EVER lie to Horatio Caine.

...Oh and apparently everyone can drive the Hummer, not just H...which means it's practically a company car. cool.

EDIT: So far, the things I've picked up from CSI: NY is Sid makes breakapart glasses look cool and Flack is just adorable at all times.
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The scene is crawling with flashing lights and law personell now. One policeman is roping off the scene with yellow caution tape while two more are starting to push back the causal onlookers that always seem to show up at a crime scene.

The dark alley was dank and a bit dirty but most of the clutter was pushed way back in the back. Towards the front where it met the sidewalk was where the point of interest was. A blonde caucasian male body, young in his 20's with two knife wounds to his chest. Blood is all around him with a small trail leading away to a bloody knife on the middle of the sidewalk.

Next to the body is a woman's purse, with blood splashes on top of it as it lays on the concrete. It is spilled open as if tossed aside.

Jackie is seated on the back of the ambulance being checked out by EMTs. Blood on her shirt and hands. Talked with Mac Taylor here.

([ profile] doesntrush_sci is lead detective so far on this investigation as he found the scene)


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