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Look Out Santa Barbara

The Journal of Jacqueline Ann Hayes-Spencer

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Name:Jacqueline Ann Spencer
Name: Jacqueline (Jackie) Hayes-Spencer
Age: early 20's
Family: daughter of Jack Spencer but was raised by her mom, cousin to Shawn Spencer

Normal Verse: After an unsuccessful career as a flight attendant, Jackie has moved to Santa Barbara, CA to start over. Currently has an apartment in a complex on the outskirts of town. Just got a job as barista for a new smoothie shop on the corner, Fruit 'N' Ice. It just happens to be down the street from the Psych office.

Captain Verse: Traveling with The Captain/Jack Harkness (captain_flyboy) in his Tardis through time and space.

CSI Verse: Starting from this fic here, Jackie's working with CSI Miami as an intern.

Truly Psychic Verse: Jackie's been shot and in a coma. But somehow she's also a ghostly apparition that only Shawn can see as they try to solve who shot her.

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This journal is for roleplaying purposes. I do not own Psych or anything related to it.
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